Become one of the top casino equipment supplier in casino industry.
CMC Trading & Engineering Co., Ltd (Formerly Yi Tak Furniture Plaza) was established in 1992 based on Macau. We are from the home and office furniture gradually developed into a leading premier furniture supplier. in the past years, Our company has successfully expanded product rang and services for the enterprises to provide quality product and a full range of professional services. With many year experience in hotel and gaming industry, CMC became the supplier that provide the design, production, product supply, installation, management and maintenance services, one stop service for our customer.
With the core competitive advantages on latest technologies, innovative methodologies, we are one of sustainable development companies keep on introducing advanced technologies and products, thereby expanding the product scope and technological upgrading, while also continue to strengthen itself in direct sales, distribution, project design and engineering roles in order to meet different customer requirement.
CMC considers goodwill as the core value and operation guideline of the company. With integrity, quality products and services, the company has successfully won goodwill recognized by clients.
As an international supplier and manufacturer, we have been continuously seeking for partners in relevant fields with the principle of mutual benefit. We strive to improve research and development, manufacturing techniques and logistics management. "Customer-oriented, honest and reliable" is the unswerving business philosophy of CMC.
Solutions connect us with our clients closely. Providing good solutions is our expertise and development direction. We are customer-oriented. We honor each of our commitments to our clients. We are always at your service for coordination and the best solution through work meetings or on-site meetings. With our production base, up-to-date equipment, prodessional design team and solution team, we can realize client's ideas and requirements quickly and precisely. For a long time, we have established goodcooperation with all of our clients and have gained their trust and recongition. Clients' ideas and requirements quickly and precisely. For a long time, we have established goodcooperation with all of our clients and have gained their trust and recognition. Clients' requirements are our motvation, and satisfaction our achievement. Years of professional experience allows us to improve and design our products from the viewpoints of clients, so as to meet different needs. With the development of CMC business, our client base is expanding as well. Our team is adapting the changes following thd philosophy of Customer-oriented. honest and reliable.
CMC carefully consider the balance between economy, society and environment in the course of company development. We well understand that our interest is "from the society and for the society". In addition to introducing international advanced technologies and managerial experiences, we spare no pains building our self-own brand, winning the market through sustainable innovation, and actively training our employees. CMC not only provides quality products, but also shoulders up the responsibilities of ensuring customers' rights, environmental protection, caring for the needed, building social harmony etc. We have been actively involving in education, environmental protection and public welfare activities in Macau.

CMC strives to become a driving force of wealth accumulation of the society, social and cultural progress, as well as sustainable development, and play a significant role in the development of the leisure economy in Macau and the world at large.
13 Andar. A13 Edif. Industrtal Vang Fu, Macau (853) 28256474
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