CMC is an official sponsor of Japan Gaming Congress (JgC) 2017
CMC is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2nd edition Japan Gaming Congress (JgC) 2017 happening on 10 – 11 May at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo--

CMC is delighted to be an official sponsor for JgC 2017. This two-day event will play host to gaming groups professionals around the world in the impressive city of Tokyo, to explore and offer a clear, practical insight and understanding into the casino legislation in Japan. With a relatively short time to go before the first licences are issued, JgC 2017 would be the optimal platform to fully understand the complex nature of IR Casinos in this newest frontier in Asia.

Being one of the earliest and largest manufacturer of gaming accessories and furniture in Macau, CMC recognises the huge potential in the Japanese market and believe it would soon become the next gambling superpowers of the gaming world.

CMC is excited by the promising opportunities that the upcoming Japan IR Casinos can offered and are eager to bring in our expertise to the Japanese market. We’re looking forward to JgC 2017, as it will be an ideal opportunity for CMC to demonstrate our commitment to serve the gaming industry with our innovative technologies and creative products.

See you in JgC 2017!

Japan Gaming Congress 2017 -

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